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At Honeywell, we’re in the “peace-of-mind” business. We invest more than $70 million annually in research and development to create technology that allows people to go about their daily lives without having to worry about the safety and security of their homes and businesses. But our security technology also does much more than just keep people safe and secure… it makes buildings and homes more energy efficient, and people’s lives and businesses more comfortable and productive.

With our extensive technology portfolio, experienced team and trusted brand, we have been recognized as the “partner of choice” in the security industry. Year after year, a Security Distributing and Marketing magazine reader survey has ranked Honeywell as the industry’s preferred channel partner.

The Connected Home from Honeywell SecurityThe Connected Home

Using systems such as Tuxedo Touch and LYNX Touch 5100, we can turn the home security system into a powerful hub that brings together security, thermostats, lights, locks and other devices - resulting in a more comfortable, convenient lifestyle and energy savings.

Alarm Communications from Honeywell SecurityAlarm Communications

The link between the security system and the central station is vital to protection. Honeywell is the foremost expert at understanding the ever-changing world of alarm communications and helps its customers navigate those changes.

The Best Sensor Technology from Honeywell Security The Best Sensor Technology

These “edge devices” are essential components in every system and no one has a more extensive choice of proven sensor technology for life safety, security and awareness applications.

Open Standards from Honeywell SecurityOpen Standards

By embracing open standards, we are making sure Honeywell products work with other manufacturers' products, while making it easier for other manufacturers to integrate with Honeywell products. This compatibility allows for more choices and flexibility when designing a security system.

Easy IP Video from Honeywell Security Easy IP Video

As the world of video surveillance shifts from analog, we are removing the complexity from IP video. Our MAXPRO NVR, for example, is the first fully open IP video solution and is easy to use. It just takes “3 clicks to live video.”

Access Control from Honeywell SecurityAccess Control: Entry to Enterprise

Our systems can secure thousands of doors across continents, to a handful of doors on even the smallest installations. Our NetAXS-123 with Video is the first entry-level integrated solution in the industry.

Cloud Services from Honeywell SecurityCloud Services

Honeywell’s hosted cloud service lets you access your stored video surveillance anytime or anywhere and without the need for IT expertise. MAXPRO Cloud reduces the installation and support costs and makes it easy to view the video you need, when you need it.

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